"Reality leaves a lot to the imagination."


                                               - John Lennon

"I have artwork, can you use it?"


Yes.  A high resolution raster file or an image in vector form is best.



What does raster mean?


A raster image, or a bitmapped file, is composed of pixels or little squares.  The more pixels per inch, the higher the resolution.  Enlarging these files can create a "pixelated" look if the end result is less that 100 pixels per inch.  Files with a .jpg or .png after the file name are examples of raster files. 



What does vector mean?


Vector is a term used to describe art in the form of points and lines on an X and Y axis. Vector files can be enlarged infinitely and still maintain theri integrity.  Files with .ai, .eps, or .pdf extensions are most likely (though not always) vector files. 


Here is an example of a raster file (jpg, png) vs. a vector file (ai, eps):

















What if I don't have a high resolution raster or vector logo?


We offer a service to convert your files into high resolution and/or vector files.  The cost depends on the complexity and quality of the raster file you provide to us. 



Do you offer logo design?


Yes, please contact us for a quote. 



What graphics are used?


Graphics can be flat, cut our vinyl lettering (suce as simple vehicle graphics), flat digital prints (used on banners and signs requiring full color) or 3-D (including sandblasted signs, cut-out shapes and relief images. 


What is 3-D


Anything dimensional, raised from or cut into the background is considered 3-D.  Cut-out shapes, sandblasted and cast images, computer and hand carved details are all included. Artisan 3-D effects are our speciality 






Frequently Asked Questions

Important Considerations

Keep your sign message focused on a primary idea.  Whether you're planning a temporary banner for an event or a permanent sign that reflects your business, clear communication will make the most of your sign investment. 



Identify the enviornment

Will your sign be used indoor or outdoors, in shade or sun?  Are there visual obstacles or local ordinances?  How long does it need to last?  We will coordinate materials and graphics to fit your sign project.  



Prioritize your goals

Time frame

When does it need to be done?  Some signage can be completed the same day you contact us.  3-D projects typically take 4-6 weeks for completion.  We do our best to meet and exceed your expectations. 





What are your pament terms?



We accept cash, check, visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover cards.  Payment is due upon delivery.  Projects over $200.00 require a 50% deposit.  Deposit and immediate payment requirements are waved for approved accounts.  



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